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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Emma's Stormy Summer by Miranda Newboult

Emma's Stormy Summer
"Dad thinks I'm a nuisance" It may be sunny but Emma's perfect world seems to be unravelling in front of her. First her friend Becca started being horrible to EVERYONE and now Daddy is ignoring her and acting weird. Emma can't help but worry that it is all her fault and as the storm clouds gather over her Dad she feels more and more guilty and responsible. If only she could get everything back to normal. This summer she realises that growing up can be a rollercoaster and maybe, just maybe, she should relax and enjoy the ride.

I found this book to be one that I would recommend to children, as it covers many themes and issues  which affect children in today's society. It is aimed at children aged 8-12 years and has been written to a high standard, discussing issues clearly and fully.

Emma is the main character and is a popular girl at school, with her own close friends, however one of her best friends appears to be ignoring her , Becca, and they have heard she is bullying younger children in the school. The friends are unsure what is going on and do not discuss their concerns with their parents or teachers, however, there is a further instance at school, and Becca is caught out, leading to her apologising in public and admitting the real reason her behaviour has changed.

Emma's father also appears to have many worries. Emma overhears, in a conversation between her parents, that he is about to loose his job when the bank he works out, closes down. Emma's father becomes depressed, not enjoying and joining in on the school sports day or family outings. However, the real extent to his illness become apparent to Emma until they are they are on their family holiday. 

The book is a good read and I am sure children everywhere will enjoy it. Aimed at 8-12 year old girls, it is something that I could see a group of friends reading, each learning different from something but being a book that they could discuss together. 

The main themes are friendship, depression in parents, friends moving to different schools and the camaraderie and community spirit with living in a small village. I would love to live somewhere where carnivals were a highlight on the summer calendar.

Thank you to the publishers, Tannbourne, for sending me the book to review. This was their first book which they published and I wish them good luck and success in the future.

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