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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Magic Secrets Box: The Silver City Ballet by Sue Mongredien

When Megan winds up her antique music box for the first time, she hears a tiny voice calling over the sound of the music - it is the Fairy Queen of the Land of Eight Kingdoms, a magical place far away! She has been imprisoned in the box by the evil enchanter Sorcero, and needs Megan's help. Megan will need to venture into the magical land to break the spell imprisoning the Fairy Queen - all the while keeping her identity a secret. In this first story, Megan is called to Madame Swann's Ballet Academy in Silver City, where a rather unusual student has turned up for a dancing lesson.

This is a new series of books by Sue Mongredien which I am sure will be loved by young girls. The cover includes a 'press me' heart which when pressed plays 
the music from the magic secrets box.

When I started reading this book I was unsure if I would like it; the prologue tells the story of Sorcero, an old enchanter, who waves his wand and recites a spell and the Fairy Queen disappears from the kingdom of Sunny Meadows. However, when I started the story I was quickly swayed.  

Megan, a young girl, is drawn to a music box in an old junk shop, and is sure she saw the fairy inside it move. As the music box does not play when the shop owner tries it, he sells it to her for £1. However, when Megan gets home and tries it, the music plays and the fairy queen asks Megan for help to release her from the box. Megan is transported to Silver City where a giant, Olaf, has had a spell put on him to make him dance, but all he manages to do is to trash the city. Along with a friend, Jessica, Megan teaches the giant a dance, to lift the spell.

Sue Mongredien has written a lovely story which young girls will enjoy. A great book for girls gaining confidence in reading alone, but younger girls will enjoy sharing it with their peers. There are great pictures which accompany the story, along with a map of 'The Land of Eight Kingdoms' and girls will enjoy collecting the books to visit each kingdom within the land.  

Thank you to Stripes Publishing for sending me the book to review,

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