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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jack Splat Dog's Dinner by Lou Kuenzler

This is a hilarious new series, told from the fly-on-the-wall perspective of our death-defying hero Jack Splat as he goes about his daily business - landing on tasty bits of food and spreading germs. But there is danger everywhere for a small fly, and Jack must dodge dastardly attempts to bring his life to a swift end! Jack is thrilled when he and his little cousin Flo come across the world's biggest, smelliest dog poo! Can he track down the dog, whilst keeping Flo away from the Jaws of Death?

Another book by Lou Kuenzler in the Jack Splat series. This will appeal to anyone interested in, to put it bluntly, POO!

Jack Splat is back, the fearless fly hero is trusted to look after his (pesky) little cousin, Flo. Jack decides to show Flo some of the awesome places he knows, however he ends up showing just one place, the park, and to it's speciality, dog poo!

Now, this sounds a revolting book but it isn't really. Children will love it and there are funny bits in the book, along with many facts about poo, and not just from dogs, but from many different animals in Jack Splats Encyclopoodia which is interspersed throughout the story.

A great book to encourage children, especially boys i think, who are reluctant to read. It is likely to grab their attention and those little facts throughout the book will interest them too.

Thank you to Stripes Publishing for sending me this book to review.

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