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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bluebell Woods: Evie's Secret Holiday by Liss Norton

Welcome to the secret world of Bluebell Woods, home to a delightful cast of woodland friends. Everyone is gathering nuts and berries to store for the long winter months ahead. Adventurous Evie has heard of a long-forgotten hazel grove which has lots of nuts. She persuades her three friends to go in search of the grove, but on their way they get caught in a storm. Seeking shelter, they stumble across a hollowed-out tree. Evie realizes this could make the perfect hidden den for a sleepover. But will the den remain a secret for long?

This is the third book in the Bluebell Woods series by Liss Norton and it immediately reminds me of one of my childhood favourite’s Brambly Hedge.

The first thing I adored was the cover, a three layer picture framed by foliage and autumn berries and nuts which link in to the story as the squirrels are collecting and storing food for the long winter months.

The book contains a map of Bluebell woods which includes Old Oak School, Foxglove Hollow, Meadowside Burrows and Primrose Meadow to name a few. The Woods sound a very interesting place to live and I loved reading this book and meeting the characters that live in it.

There are lots of pencil drawings throughout the book. They are beautifully detailed and shaded and would make beautiful pictures to adorn a nursery wall. They are not as ‘classic’ as Brambly Hedge but are still beautiful.

This story tells the story of Evie the squirrel who, on a visit to see her granddad, is given a map by him of where there were lots of hazelnuts to be found and gathered for the long winter ahead. Evie decides to go on an adventure with her friends, where they find a hollow tree which they make into their new hideaway den – a perfect place to hide away from little brothers.

The story is a great story to share with younger children or for slightly older children (7+) to read alone. The story will grab the attention and imagination of children into making walks through woods etc in the autumn a whole new world to explore.

I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it as a great gift to give this autumn. I will be looking out for other books from the series to share with my children.

Thank you to Stripes Publishing for sending me the book to review.

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