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Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Dog Detectives, Lost in London by Fin and Zoa

Great Britain is doomed! The guardians of the Tower of London, six black ravens, have disappeared. The Dog Detectives must pedal full tilt to London’s landmarks and solve the riddles before it’s too late!
Lost in London is a charming tale of riddling rats and meddlesome bats that is sure to get children thinking.

As soon as I opened the pages to this book I was attracted to the bright colours and clear pictures adorning every page of this book. The text is in a very clear font and size, perfect for a story to share at story time in a classroom or at home at bedtime.

A great book to introduce children to the landmarks of London. The book is about the search for the six black ravens that protect the Tower of London, and to help with the search, the detectives are given three clues by the Rat Riddler to help find them. These clues are given in the form of a rhyme and are perfect for young children to work out. The search for the ravens is interactive with the children reading the story as they can search the pictures to find the six missing ravens too.

The book also ends with a double page spread of facts about London and gives further information about London and its landmarks.
I recommend this as a perfect gift for a child visiting London for the first time or one who likes to solve clues.

Thank you to Maverick Arts Publishing for sending me this book to review.

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