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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Weber's Foolproof Favourites (70 simple and delicious bbq recipes)

Weber's Foolproof Favourites is an invaluable collection of beloved barbecue recipes. From Spinach Stuffed Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Sauce to Chicken Under Bricks, there's something for everyone. With chapters covering starters, red meat, pork, poultry, seafood, vegetables and sides and even dessert, this book is sure to become a grill time favourite.

A brightly coloured book filled with 70 delicious sounding, tempting recipes to try on a barbecue.

The book begins with a section entitled foolproof FAQs for anyone who wants to try out these recipes in the traditional way. There is also a great introduction about how the Weber company in USA developed the traditional barbecue.

The 70 recipes are split into seven sections within the book: starters; red meat; pork; poultry; seafood; vegetables and sides; and desserts. Each recipe is accompanied by a (usually) full page, high colour photograph which certainly makes your mouth water!

Each recipe has a comprehensive ingredient list, along with an special equipment you may need for the recipe. There are also four circles at the start of each recipe which clearly identifies: preparation time; cooking time on the bbq; servings per recipe; and skill required.

The recipes are concisely, but clearly written in well thought out, easy steps and look very easy to follow. The photographs are of a very high quality and the food looks mouthwateringly delicious. Many of the recipes look like they are adaptable to be cooked in a kitchen using a cooker too.

My one thought after reading the recipes is that recipes call for 'preparing the grill for grilling over a low/medium/high heat and although temperatures are given, no information or guidance is given to how to regulate this heat during cooking time included in the book- I will admit, however I am a bbq novice and never used a bbq to cook a meal, more competent bbqers may find this easy.

My only negative thoughts about this book are that there are not many suggestions for vegetarian meals - the vegetable dishes are accompanienments to the other recipes rather than main meals. Also when looking through recipe books I enjoy reading through the one or two sentence descriptions of the dish, this book does not contain these and I was unsure of some of the dishes from their titles.

For the serious BBQer I would recommend this as an ideal gift but for novices, a little bit more guidance may be required.

Thank you to Octopus Publishing for sending me this book to review

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