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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Buster's Naughty Tricks (Kitten Club) by Sue Mongredien

Welcome to Kitten Club! Amy, Molly, Lily, Ruby, Ella and Mia meet whilst choosing their adorable new kittens. Eager to stay in touch, the girls form Kitten Club so that they can get together each week and swap stories about their cute kittens! Lily's kitten Buster is terribly cute, but he's forever clawing the furniture and knocking precious things off shelves, and Mum and Dad are beginning to lose their patience. Lily makes excuses for Buster, but when he wrecks her costume for the school play, she's really upset. Can the Kitten Club girls come up with some ways to keep the naughty little kitten occupies and out of trouble?
The perfect book for cat loving girls who are reading independently or like to share a 'more grown up' story book.
The book is about a group of girls who have set up their own club - the kitten club- from when they met having bought kittens from the same litter. When I was younger I always wanted to make my own secret club, but never did, this sounds like a great idea. They meet regularly and discuss what their kittens are up to. In this installment Buster is up to lots of tricks and Lily is worried her mother will give her away.
The book is ideal for children age 7+ and can be shared with others or read independently, with short chapters, perfect length for one per night and interspersed with lovely pencil sketch illustrations.
The book does have a Christmassy theme, including a Christmas show, and therefore would make a great Christmas present for kitten loving girls aged 7+.
Thank you to Stripes for sending me the book to review.

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