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Saturday, 4 June 2011

How to raise a happy toddler by Tizzie Hall

Tizzie Hall is an international bestselling childcare author who has been working with babies and parents for over 18 years. The tried and tested information in this book will help you to deal with the inevitable challenges that come as your baby becomes a toddler. This easy-to-use guide includes: sleep and feeding routines for children between one and three years; solutions to common sleep problems and advice on the transition from cot to bed; dealing with tantrums and introducing boundaries; advice on potty training for boys and girls; and, answers to common health concerns and safety issues. With real-life case studies, answers to common questions and brilliant tips, "How to Raise a Happy Toddler" will help you to have a happy, rested and well-adjusted toddler and allow you to enjoy this wonderful and exciting period of their lives.
A great book for parents of toddlers which covers many issues which are linked to sleep issues; also dealing with tantrums, advice on potty training and answers to many common health questions.
I have read many books about bringing up children and I have found some of them very regimental - talking about routines, giving set times for feeds and sleeps, and at x months they will be doing this, this and this. I quickly put these books back, not liking that they see children as 'robots' and not individuals. I found this book to be very different and friendly, offering advice to common issues, offering suggestions in a friendly manner and to issues that parents struggle with but are offered little advice - how to cope with changes to routine, e.g. when the clocks go forward or back, what to do when you go abroad and have a time difference. However, this book has been written in friendly, plain English, with case studies to demonstrate ideas or dilemmas. A tried and tested guide to many common issues - I recommend to all to give it a try.
This book would make a great gift for parents who have babies or toddlers as a great resource to have on the shelf for ideas when they have a new hurdle to cross or need a different viewpoint.
Thank you to Ebury for sending me the book to review.

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  1. I agree, Sarah.
    It was refreshing to see that Tizzie understands that our toddlers are not 'text book' and are all individual, as are our family setups.