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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Top Tips for Weaning by Gina Ford

Weaning your baby on to solid foods is one of the most important milestones during the early months of parenthood, and Gina Ford's expert advice on weaning makes a baby's transition from milk to solid foods as straightforward as possible. Gina's no-nonsense quick and easy tips will help you to: understand which foods to introduce and at what age; get the balance of milk feeds and solids right; and eliminate night feeds once solids are introduced. This handy guide offers sensible solutions to ensure that your baby eats well now, and as she grows up.
Another useful book from Gina Ford. This one is jam packed with useful hints and tips about weaning: when to start weaning?, how to start the weaning process; how to prepare food and what foods to try when; to name but a few. There are also a number of very useful case studies throughout the book and I found they were very useful to discuss different issues surrounding the complex world of weaning babies. It also includes ideas for 'difficulties' in weaning - refusing milk, constipation, introduction of a beaker.
There is a useful list towards the end of the book of useful resources and other a further reading list.
The guidelines for weaning babies has changed a number of times, however this book is up to date and enforces the guidelines as set by The Department of Health (DOH) for weaning.
I did find the book to be similar to many of the other Gina Ford books, in that it is routine based - where babies are fed at xam, xam, xpm, xpm etc. and therefore I preferred to look at the book as guidelines, a book to look for ideas about weaning, the foods to try when etc. Each baby is different and things should be taken at their pace, in my opinion, and I never stuck to a routine from these books. One of the best resources re weaning and current recommendations is to contact your health visitor, however this book is a great resource to have for a quick idea or reassurance.
I would recommend this book to mums who have young babies but also recommend that they listen to and ask questions to their health visitors too.
Thank you to Ebury for sending me the book to review.

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