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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Prepped: gorgeous food without the slog - a multitasking masterpiece for time-short foodiesy Vanessa Kimbell

Spontaneous parties, unstructured suppers, impromptu invitations, unexpected guests at any time of the day - welcome to Prepped!, a new, time-saving, inspirational and delicious way of cooking. Vanessa Kimbell takes a selection of fabulous flavours and creates a basic 'wardrobe' of go-anywhere dishes. By linking your recipes you can produce delicious food in less time, and by layering a selection of signature flavours you can transform your everyday cooking into something special. Prepped! Stunning food that makes an enviable statement about your lifestyle.

A great idea for a book serious cooks will love to have in their kitchen. As described in the introduction 'each chapter focuses on a specific flavour, featuring straightforward recipes that use simple ingredients - but with a difference. On each page you'll find sophisticated linking and layering techniques that let you alter the glavours and moods of your dishes at the drop of a hat.'

There are eleven chapters, which each focus on a separate ingredient: elderflower; rhubarb; lavender; lemon; vanilla; tomato; plum; caraway; chocolate; cardamon; and orange and clove. Ingredients which can be found in most kitchen store cupboards.

The idea and layout of this book is excellent - each chapter begins with an introduction to the ingredient and the rest of the chapter is full to the brim with recipes that include that ingredient. The recipes are also cross referenced to other recipes within the book that use that recipe or could be used if the recipe is adapted slightly, making following the recipes/book easier, no need to continually search through the book or index. For example, the rhubarb jam is cross referenced to the rhubarb and vanilla cupcakes, rhubarb pavlova, rhubarb pie, tipover trifle and victoria sponge cake.

The recipes are all began with a brief introduction to the recipe - giving hints and tips for serving instructions, ideas for accompanienments or tips for easy cooking. There are also number of servings; prep time; cooking time and on some recipes if it is suitable for freezing. The recipes are written in simple english and detailled instructions. There are countless photographs included within this book , all to a very high quality and show the food extremely well

The recipes are for many levels of cook - some recipes are perfect for a family meal, meal for children whereas others would be great for dinner parties. There are recipes for starters, main courses, accompaniements, desserts and a few drinks included too.

A great book to give as a gift or to add to a cooks library.

Thank you to Michael from The School Run Forum for sending me the book to review.

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