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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Want to know a secret by Sue Moorcroft

Money, love and family. Which matters most? When Diane Jenner's husband is hurt in a helicopter crash, she discovers a secret that changes her life. And it's all about money, the kind of money the Jenners have never had. James North has money, and he knows it doesn't buy happiness. He's been a rock for his wayward wife and troubled daughter - but that doesn't stop him wanting Diane. James and Diane have something in common: they always put family first. Which means that what happens in the back of James's Mercedes is a really, really bad idea. Or is it?
When two policemen arrive in your kitchen Diane Jenner knew that something had happened to her husband, however little did she know the secrets that were about to be revealed.
This is the first Sue Moorcroft book I have read and as soon as i started the book it drew me in. Secrets are revealed from the start and more secrets are found out throughout the whole book. There are love triangles, heartbreak, greed and jealousy along with a pregnancy, teenage depression and self harm.
The book is not a traditional love story, it is true to life with believable twists and turns throughout the story and leads to the readers feeling for the characters.
There is a twist towards the end of the book which completely changes the course of the book. When I finished the book I was left hoping a second book may be in the pipeline as I want to know what the future will hold for the characters.
I would recommend this book to all, a great read for getting lost in on those long, cold winter nights, the type of book you pick up to read a few pages at night and three hours later you are still devouring the pages.
Thank you Choclit Publishing and WHSmiths for sending me this book to review.


  1. That's great, Sarah, thank you! :-)

    So glad you enjoyed the book.

  2. I usually read historical romance for the escapsim, but this sounds what i'd call a 'substantial' romance and has tempted me over to the modern side - at least for one book anyway.
    Grace x