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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Explore, Dream, Discover ..... by Charlotte Samiec

This is a travel-diary, memory-maker, doodle-pad, brain-engager, boredom-stopper, idea-waker, picture-keeper, captain’s log. A thought-provoker book!

Author:Charlotte Samiec
Illustrator:Andrew Pinder
ISBN:978-1-84666-789-3EAN:9 781846 667893
Publish Date:1st February 2010
■Book Size: 202mm x 282mm
■64 pp
■full colour throughout
■foiled title graphic
■sticker sheet
■die-cut games counters
■integral storage pocket
■Ages 7+

This is a fantastic book to give to a child going on holiday! It is a complete log of their travels, their journeys, the information and facts they have learnt, their thoughts and also things for them to think about or imagine at those times when they have lost interest or are bored. Things like designing a comic strip, design and write a postcard and places to keep photographs. The book does not only ask questions about what is seen, but also uses all senses - what can they see, hear, smell, feel and taste.

There are also games to play, a press out dice and counters, a snakes and ladders board, a place for sketches and doodles.

I am really impressed with this book. when i was young I had a holiday fun book, which included a bingo card of what you can spy on your journey to your destination and some games to play but this book is completely different. It is a place for a child to put all their imagination to, a great resource to take back to show relatives, friends or school teachers about what they did on their holiday. I would say this is for children aged 7+ as some of the activities do need some imagination and concentration but I think that children will love completing this over their holiday - especially if you are visiting places of interest or beauty.

Thank you to Lorna at Top That Publishing for sending me this brilliant book to review!

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