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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Emotional Learning Cards

20 cards for stimulating creative exploration. Who are you? Where are you going??
This is a box of 6x6" cards which could be used by anyone who works with groups of people, one to one with people and can be used for any age. The cards have a variety of pictures included. All the pictures are photographs and cover a wide variety of subjects - to name a few: chopsticks on traditional sushi rolling mats, the hollow shells of two abandoned ships, a head sculpted from plastic lizards and plants.On the back of each card is a summary of the artwork along with some questions that could be asked. There is also a handy information sheet included in the box which gives other useful general hints about using the cards.Although the cards say that they can be used with people of all ages I find it difficult to see how Early Years and young primary school children would understand the cards however, i know that young children have their own viewpoint and opinion on things and so teachers may be able to use them. They also give examples of working with them in therapy sessions.I do think these are stunning cards and would be a beautiful resource to use for professionals working with people of all ages.

Thank you to Michael from The School Run for sending me the copy to review.

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