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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dinoburps by Ciaran Murtagh

The third hilarious story about caveboy Charlie Flint.It's a hot summer and Charlie creates a tasty fizzy drink for the dinosaurs to enjoy and to keep them cool. But there is an unexpected side-effect: very smelly dinoburps. To start with everyone finds it quite amusing, but the burping continues, even when the dinosaurs stop drinking the pop. No one can get any sleep and there's a horrible smelly fog lingering over Sabreton! It's up to Charlie to make a dangerous journey through the jungle, across the sea and to a volcano to get the remedy. And even worse - with a girl.

Dinosaurs who burp! what a combination. A great book for boys of all ages. I would not say this was a book for early readers. Great for readers who are gaining confidence in reading. I will be giving this to my son who is now reading more confidently on his own and I am sure he will love it.

The book starts with Charlie deciding that dinosaurs must be bored drinking only water and so decides to concoct a new drink for them but none he creates is liked by Steggy until he finds a purple flower - crushed, diluted with water and stirred with a liquorice stick. Fantastic, Steggy loves it but then lets out an enormous burp. Soon the town is full of the sounds of dinosaurs burping and the air is full of fog. Charlie must find a cure for the burps - a yellow flower which can only be found on Snapper Mountain. Charlie starts the journey and comes face to face with Sabre Tooth Monkeys and Crocodiles before climbing the mountain which erupts hot boulders! will he manage to get back to Sabreton and cure the dinosaurs from burping??

A book which boys everywhere will enjoy. My only disappointment was the illustrations, pencil sketches which looked very basic. The front cover looks quite attractive and I think if the illustrations inside were of similar quality, they would of looked better.

Thank you to Michael from TheSchoolRun forum for sending me the book to review.

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