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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Blog Tour - Violet and the Pearl of the Orient - Illustrations

Today I am pleased to welcome Harriet Whitehorn, the author, and Becka Moor, the illustrator, to my blog. Violet and the Pearl of the Orient has a fantastic cover and they discuss the process of how the cover was designed.

Becka Moor Illustrations

The cover art for Violet and the Pearl of the Orient went through various different stages before we settled on one we liked. The concept itself was a spark of genius by designer Jane Buckley at Simon & Schuster who suggested we try for a ‘Rear Window’ kind of feel, with the main cast of characters occupying different windows of a Georgian style town house. Violet also went through a few different stages. She started with long hair and dungarees, but as we progressed through ideas, she was given a haircut and new wardrobe to reflect her background a bit more.

The process for Violet and the Pearl of the Orient was really collaborative. I started with the roughs which were shown to the author, Harriet Whitehorn, who passed on some feedback. Along with feedback from the publisher, a few changes were made until everyone was happy with everything. From there, we moved onto the finals for the book, which took a little bit of planning due to the addition of the violet pantone colour throughout. It was a lot more technical than I initially thought, but once I’d cracked it, it was easy peasy...ish. Everything was done digitally, with some added handmade textures here and there!

I think that the cover really suits this book - it really reflects the writing style of the book and the characters within. Throughout the book there are all brilliant illustrations. The book has a great Hallowe'en party within the story and I especially loved these illustrations with the characters dressed up in their costumes.

Another point I love about this book is the colour scheme. As mentioned above there is a violet colouring throughout which all adds to the 'spookiness of the book'.

Thank you to both Harriet Whitehorn and Becka Moor for visiting my blog today. 

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