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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic to the Stars

Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is in Hollywood ! It's as if all her life has been leading to this moment. She's hanging out with the stars ...or at least she will be, when she finally gets to meet movie superstar Sage Seymour, whom husband Luke is now managing. There's so much to seen and do! And getting Minnie through the hurdles for her A-list Hollywood pre-school will require some Becky sets her heart on a new career - she's going to be a celebrity stylist . Red carpet, here she comes! But Becky soon finds it's tough in Tinseltown. Luckily her best friend Suze comes over to keep her company, and together they embark on the Hollywood insider trail But somehow ...things aren't quite working out as they'd hoped. Then Becky's big chance comes, and it's an opportunity that money can't buy. But will it cost her too much?

It has been four years since Sophie Kinsella gave us the last instalment in Becky  Brandon's life. Her last book, Mini Shopaholic, showed us that it was like mother, like daughter, with Minnie sharing her mother's traits. I am sure that I am not the only reader who has been looking forward to finding out what Becky, Brandon and Minnie are up to now and therefore as soon as I received this book, everything else was put to one side, including the latest Lee Child I am ashamed to say, and I lost myself in their world.

LA is the place where, in my opinion, Becky Brandon belongs. She loves everything high maintenance, high fashion, high end and the more famous the better so when she has the opportunity to make friends with red carpet regulars she goes for it. But as we all know, Becky does not always engage brain before going ahead with projects and she soon gets swallowed up in LA life. She has difficult decisions to make about family, friends and business opportunities which makes for a great read. Suze and Tarkie join Becky in LA and while I could imagine Suze fitting in perfectly I thought that Tarkie would hate it but it was great to see Tarkie embrace the holistic lifestyle.

I am not going to give any spoilers as I am sure all shopaholic fans will devour this book very quickly. I was happily reading the book, enjoying the storyline until I got to the words ..... to be continued!! I hope Sophie is writing it as we speak because I really want to know what happens to the Brandon Family next ....

The Shopaholic series is my guilty pleasure but I know that when I pick up a Kinsella book I can loose myself for a few hours in the dream world of Becky Brandon and her family. Please let the next installment come soon.

Thank you to the publishers, Transworld, for sending me the book to review. 

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  1. Never tried Sophie Kinsella but will have to put her on my list now!