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Friday, 2 May 2014

Hour of the Hound Dog (Undead Pets) by Sam Hay

Hour of the Doomed Dog - Undead Pets 8

Joe is just an ordinary boy until he makes a wish on a spooky Egyptian amulet...Now he's the Protector of Undead Pets! This is the eighth book in the spooky but sweet series, and it tells the story of Frankfurter, a sausage dog who needs Joe's help before he can pass over. Moments before his encounter with a revolving door, Frankie overheard two men plotting to burgle the hotel that is run by his owner. Frankie needs Joe's help to stop the robbery and bring the criminals to justice. The books in the Undead Pets series are full of animal zombies and pets with one last thing to do before they pass to the other side!

I have reviewed a number of Sam Hay's Undead Pets on this blog and this is, sadly, the last book in the series. The eighth title brings to an end this popular series in which Joe, a young boy, is visited by pets who have been killed but still have unfinished business to resolve before they pass to the other side. The subject matter may appear to be a little gruesome or morbid but it is not, it is humorous and a topic which I am sure children will enjoy.

In Hour of the Hound Dog, Frankfurter, a sausage dog, believes that a robbery is about to happen, all while Joe and his family are attending a family wedding. The story sees Joe working with Frankfurter to catch the robbers before the wedding falls into chaos. As this is the last book in the series it is great to see Uncle Charlie return, and finish as the series began when he passed Joe the Egyptian Amulet which made him the protector of Undead Pets.

This is a great book for independent readers age 8+. The story is accompanied by fantastic illustrations which bring the story to life.

Thank you to the publishers, Stripes Publishing, for sending me the book to review.

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