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Friday, 4 January 2013

The Icecreamists by Matt O'Connor

The Icecreamists: Boutique Ice Creams and Other Guilty Pleasures to Make and Enjoy at Home

Infamous creators of the Sex Bomb and Baby Googoo - The Icecreamists are passionate about ice cream and the business of sin. Drawn to the mix of childhood fantasy and adult indulgence, The Icecreamists achieved instant notoriety with their breast milk ice-cream in 2009. With a rich variety of both summer and winter treats, The Icecreamists have become the by-word for cutting edge flavours and creations. This is where ice cream meets cocktails with concoctions including the vodka-infused Miss Whiplash and the Molotoffee Cocktail, as well as the devilish Toast Mortem. The Icecreamists's closely-guarded recipes are revealed here for the first time in simple, easily lickable recipe formats so you can recreate the authentic experience at home.

The first thing about this book is the cover - it is very striking: black, silver and hot pink means that it is jumps of the shelf out at you, urging you to pick it up and make something from it.

I have never heard of Matt O Conner before, however he has been in the ice cream business for many years, being a consultant for Unilever and Mars, before launching the UK's first gelato, 'Antonia Federici'. Reading the introduction it seems he is the Heston Blumenthal of the ice cream market. The first third of the book reads like an autobiography and it is interesting to find out what is behind the person and their inspiration and the rules by which he rules. The layout of this section of the book is very eyecatching and has a scrap book style feel with its newspaper cutout headlines and punchy section titles.

There are chapters on: Boutique Ice Creams; Sorbettos; Cocktails; Icequakes, Sundaes and Desserts; and Ice Lollies. Each chapter is full of delicious sounding recipes and the photographs are very artistic and show some beautiful presentation ideas.

The recipes are all clearly laid out with an ingredient list and method clearly written, along with the inside scoop on the selling description for each dish. On some of the recipes there is an icon which shows which cocktail or dessert the ice cream is included in.  Each ice cream or sorbet requires an ice cream maker, something which I do not own and therefore am unable to try the recipes included however there is a very long list of flavours I would just love to try.

This would make a great gift for anyone who loves ice cream, has an ice cream maker and the time and enthusiasm to try some of the recipes. However, I also enjoyed it just to read the first section - the autobiographic section where I learnt all about the author.

I received this book through the Amazon Vine Programme.

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