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Sunday, 6 May 2012

That's Life by Robert Winston

That's Life

Put the buzz back into biology with Professor Robert Winston. What makes Earth an ideal place for life to survive? Robert Winston will take kids back to Earth's beginnings showing how organisms live and survive in "That's Life". From the very big to the microscopic, meet the animals, plants, fungi and bacteria that play an important role in sustaining life on Earth. Packed with colourful images, facts and stats, "That's Life" introduces the features and characteristics of the six main kingdoms of life. Let your child discover how life began and just what it means to be alive today.

What is Life? This is the question that Robert Winston aims to answer in this book, aimed at children aged 8-14 years. Whenever I listen to Robert Winston when he appears on a television programme or when he presents a programme I always learn something. He always wants to share his knowledge with the viewers and I think he always explains things in manageable chunks to understand. This book is just that - full of bitesize information to enable use to understand how life began and what it is.

The book is split into five sections: The meaning of life; The variety of life; Living together; Secrets of survival; and The other side of life. It starts right from the beginning, 4.6million years ago and looks at how life began.  It looks at the human building blocks - the cells and explains complex scientific procedures and structures in simple English that children can understand. 

The wording in the book is pitched at 8-14 years and alot of diagrams and pictures are also included to explain the concepts and ideas within the book.

The book has a scrapbook feel to it - lots of colour, font type, pictures, fantastic photographs and jam packed full of useful information, in a style that children will be drawn to.

I would recommend this as a fantastic book for any child to have in their reference library and a must for every classroom library.  

DK have done it again - published a fantastic book which children will enjoy reading and will learn lots from.

Thank you to the publishers, DK, for sending me the book to review.

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