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Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Princess and the Dragons by Sue Mongredien (The Magic Secrets Box)

The Princess and the Dragons - The Magic Secrets Box Bk. 4

Megan is about to go horse-riding when the Fairy Queen comes to life once more - she needs Megan's help! It seems that Sorcero has been up to his old tricks, but in a new land this time. So Megan is sent to the Kingdom of Golden Spires, where she meets the wilful young princess Paloma, who longs win the annual jousting event. But just as the tournament begins, some terrifying dragons swoop down and kidnap Megan, mistaking her for the princess! Are they acting on Sorcero's orders? And how will Megan get herself out of this one?

This is the fourth book in The Magic Secrets Box series by Sue Mongredien. I have previously reviewed the earlier three books on my blog:The Silver City BalletThe Great Mermaid Rescue and The Enchanted Forest Mystery. 

The first thing I noticed when I received this book was that the cover does not include the musical button and therefore does not play the music box music. Although this is not a necessity, it was a great added extra to the book. 

The book follows a similar format as the previous books, where Megan is transported into the Magic Secrets Box and tries to save the kingdom from Sorcero's evil orders.

The thing that I like with this series are the different settings for the stories. Each book is set in a different kingdom - one which can trigger the imagination of the reader. The author has thought of some great locations and I am sure once a child has read this book, they will continue to use inspiration in their role play and imaginative play or creative play for a long time after the book has finished.

A fantastic read for young girls who are becoming more confident in reading alone.

Thank you to the publishers, Stripes Publishing, for sending me the book to review.

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  1. My daughter loves these books. She's nine and has struggled to become a confident reader. We were reading 'Girlz Rock' books before these, which now seem too easy for her. We're half way through the third book and her reading ability has sky rocketed and that's mainly due to the fantastic descriptive words the Sue Mongredien uses. Can highly recomend.