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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Horrid Henry meets the Queen by Francesca Simon (Early Reader)

Horrid Henry Meets the Queen - Horrid Henry Early Reader

The Queen is coming to visit Horrid Henry's school. The real live Queen! Henry can't believe it. But when Miss Battle-Axe puts him in the back row, Henry is furious. Now how is he meant to find out how many TVs she has? Somehow Henry has to get himself noticed - and show the Queen just how horrid he can be ...

As a family who loves Horrid Henry, this is a great book to get into Jubilee fever! 

This story was originally released in the general Horrid Henry series and has now had the Early Reader treatment. It tells the story of when the Queen visits the school and Perfect Peter is selected to welcome the Queen and present a bouquet, however Henry thought he should of been the one! Of course nothing goes smoothly where Henry is involved.

I really think Orion have got the Early Reader range just right. The stories included are a good read which will keep early readers interested in the story to the very end. The story is intermingled with great illustrations drawn by Tony Ross, who captures the story in his own unique way, full of emotion and humour.

I recommend this to younger fans of Horrid Henry who want to read the stories independently and especially if they want to get into the Jubilee spirit.

Thank you to Orion Children's Books for sending me the book to review.

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