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Thursday, 24 May 2012

I Heart School - Martha and the Bunny Brothers by Clara Vulliamy

I Heart School - Martha and the Bunny Brothers

Starting school has never been so fun! The first in an exuberant, feel-good new series from Clara Vulliamy. I Heart School is pure sunshine in picture book format, every page will make you smile! The Big News in the launch title of this joy-filled new series is that it's Martha's first day of school! It's all so exciting! She needs to choose the perfect first-day-at-school outfit and decide what to pack in her new school bag, which is proving quite tricky! Trouble is, she may be able to take her snowdome and her fairy wings and her scooter, but she has to leave behind her two not-so-happy little bunny brothers! But Martha finds room in her school bag for a very special picture that the Happy Bunny Club has made especially for her, and it's not long before she's back from school and Martha and her bunny brothers are reunited (in their secret den)! Hooray! Young readers will adore helping Martha to choose what to wear and what to take to school in these sunshine-filled pages that weave together all the little details of Martha's life, with a charming story about sibling relationships and starting school.

This is a great book for any children starting nursery or school in September. I would say that it is a book aimed more at girls but boys may enjoy it too. 

The book has a scrapbook feel to it - the pages are brightly coloured with lots of pictures in amongst a bigger picture, with text added over the pictures and of all different fonts. The pages will draw any child to them, with something on every page that they will like. 

The book includes everything a child wants to know or think about before starting school - what shall I wear, what bag shall I choose, what do I put in my bag, will I see my friends and how will I feel, to name a few of the topics covered in this story.

It is a lovely book to share with a child and as soon as I opened the cover I was grabbed by the colours, fonts and pictures and I am sure that any child will pick this book again and again to read with others. It would make a great gift for any child starting nursery or school this September!

Thank you to the publisher, Harper Collins Children's Books for sending me the book to review.


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  2. That book sounds lovely and my youngest is starting nursery in September.

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