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Friday, 25 November 2011

You've Got Talent by Andrea Mills (DK Books)

You've Got Talent

Strutt your way to becoming the next big thing. If you want to see your name in lights someday, then "You've Got Talent" is the perfect all-singing, all-dancing, all-acting guide to the performing arts. With its mirror cover to reflect your inner superstar, this is a great for all you drama kings and queens, singing stars, and dancing divas. There are loads of top tips, step-by-steps, encouraging advice, and activities to help you become the next big thing.

I expect I am not the only parent who has an all singing, all dancing child who would love to go to stage school and be the next Katie Perry, Beyonce etc. This book is the perfect gift for them - it covers Music, Dance and Drama ideas.

The book is split into three sections: Music, Dance and Drama and the book is similar to a scrapbook, with lots of ideas and thoughts dotted on pages, together with pages about the history of music etc and the components within that section. 
For example, the music section has the history of music from 50,000 BC right through to the current day; the many genre's of music; the instruments that make the music styles;  techniques on how to warm up, breathe during, stand correctly while and sing scales while singing; how music technology has changed throughout the years; the highlights in modern music; the one hit wonders; how to write your own songs; music revivals; karaoke; how to be a rock star; simple lesson in how to play a guitar. 
In the dance section there are instructions to a simple dance routine and in the drama section, a quick guide to create make up disguises.

The book is perfect to dip in and out of and where ever you pick to read, there are interesting and useful information to read. It will be perfect for those who want to become famous when they grow up - to increase their knowledge and feed their appetite for stardom!

The book not only encourages children to get into the industry but also stresses that it is hard work and there will be many knockbacks or 'thank you, but no thank you'. The main message is that you should enjoy what you are doing and to do the best you can. 

The front cover is a mirror and although children may think it fun and exciting, I would of preferred a different cover, there is so much good advice and information contained in the book that a more serious cover design would promote it more - representing its contents realistically.

This is a DK book - and as with all DK books it is full of fantastic, clear and useful information which can be used throughout life to interest children and encourage their interests and studies.

I would recommend this book as the perfect book choice for anyone who loves to dance, sing or perform.

I received this book through the Amazon Vine program.

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