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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mandy Baggot Blog Tour - Strings Attached - Author Article

As part of Mandy Baggot’s virtual book tour, today I am featuring her new hot contemporary romance novel Strings Attached which was released on 1 November 2011.

Here is the all important blurb to entice you to head over to Amazon and buy it:-

Between the past and the future there are always strings attached

Caterer George Fraser has a mission. She’s going to prove everyone wrong. Ambitious owner of catering firm Finger Food and black sheep of her family, she’s determined to succeed in business where she’s so far failed in her personal life. Asked to cater for gorgeous rock star Quinn Blake’s after-show party her life suddenly takes a turn for the dramatic.

Magnetically drawn together, George and Quinn embark on a relationship that no one must know about. But is Quinn everything he seems or is there more to his star life than he’s telling her?

Things hot up when George is invited to the wedding of the millennium and her integrity very soon becomes compromised. With celebrity obsessed colleague Marisa in the mix and her beloved Adam spending more time in her life can George keep her secrets and hold on to her ambition, or will love finally get in the way?

Now most of you will have met the lead characters George Fraser and Quinn Blake but what about the supporting characters?

Mandy, what can you tell us about the rest of the cast of Strings Attached?

Without a doubt, my favourite supporting character is Marisa Thomas. She is George’s seventeen year old catering assistant who loves nothing better than reading the celeb magazines and reminding George what’s hot and what’s not. She’s Welsh, she’s very loud and a bit mad but she isn’t stupid. She’s a bright girl, with hidden ambition and she steals almost every scene with her quick wit and comeback comments.

Another one of my favourites is Michael Lambert. He is Quinn Blake’s PA and a lover of food, fizzy drinks and loud shirts. There’s a bit of Michael McIntyre about him in the way he prances about and waves his hands around. However, someone suggested if Strings Attached makes it to the big screen, perhaps The Hoff would be a candidate for this role! I would quite like to see that.

Roger Ferraro is the real villain of the piece and we don’t meet him until the middle of the book. He is a music mogul with his own record label and he isn’t afraid to resort to dirty tricks to get what he wants. When I was writing his scenes he always looked like a cross between Lionel Richie and Daley Thompson! Where do I dream them up?

Strings Attached is available from Waterstones, W H Smith and Barnes & Noble in paperback and as a paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon.

Thank you to Mandy for visiting me today and my review of Strings Attached will be on the blog soon.

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  1. Thanks for having me Sarah and taking part in the blog tour! And welcome to Team Baggot at If readers haven't got their copy of Strings Attached yet it might be worth checking it out tomorrow (11th Nov) as there might be a surprise in store for Poppy Day and the last stop on the tour!