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Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Lego Ideas Book - You Can Build Anything

The LEGO Ideas Book

Be inspired to create and build amazing models in LEGO(R)! "The LEGO Ideas Book" is packed full of tips from expert LEGO builders on how to make jet planes reach new heights, create fantastic fortresses, swing through lush jungles, have fun on the farm and send space shuttles out of this world! This book is divided into six themed chapters - transport, buildings, space, kingdoms, adventure and useful makes. With over 500 models and ideas, this book is perfect for any LEGO fan - young or young at heart - who wants to make their models cool, fun and imaginative.

I have always been a fan of Lego. When I was younger I had a set that made a house and my brother had lots of random Lego pieces that we both loved to get out on a rainy afternoon to create with. Now I have children I have bought them both big kits to make houses and fire stations but I have also picked up big bulk buys of Lego from charity shops, classified ads and free cycle and this book is perfect for ideas on what to make with Lego.

The book's introduction explains that the book should be used as inspiration for building. It does not include step by step instructions or brick lists because it is unlikely that readers will have all the required pieces, however the models can be used as an inspiration or can be adapted to use pieces that readers have in their own collections. On some models, their are labels pointing out interesting details on it, including where special pieces have been used to create a certain aspect or changes that could be made using different bricks.

Each double page spread in the book contain a main model photo, which is often photographed from different angles to show details; a building brief for the model; labels which point out different details of the model;  ideas for alternative models and also a construction box which includes pictures of some of the construction secrets used when constructing the model, which the reader may otherwise be unsure of.

There are six sections in the book, each one a category of models created: planes, trains and automobiles; town and country; out of this world; in days of old; a world of adventure; and make and keep. Within each section there are about 12 models created and explored. They range in complexity and use a wide range of construction ideas and techniques. In each section there is a double page in each section which talks about useful bricks for each category and also a meet the designer in each category who talks about what they like creating, any problems they may have had in the past and how they dealt with them, any tips they want to share and also pictures of some of their projects.

I found the book to be great inspiration. It is full of photographs and ideas which would be a great starting point for anyone when faced with a box of Lego. Although it is unlikely that anyone would be able to create a like for like model of any of the pictures in the book, it would be quite easy to copy some of the models using whatever pieces they had to hand i.e. I could quite easily make a multicoloured crocodile from the photograph, it would not have to be green. The close up photographs of specific areas of a model to describe specific ideas and techniques were very clear and it showed the idea easily for children.

I would recommend this book as a great idea for a birthday or Christmas present for an older child (or adult) who love building with Lego. It is a gift which will be used a lot as there is a lot of inspiration within it!

I received this book from the Amazon Vine Program.

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