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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Steve Backshall Predators, The World's Most Lethal Animals


Join DEADLY 60 presenter Steve Backshall in the world's deadliest book about animals, packed with fascinating facts, killer statistics and stunning photographs. Combined with his own incredible experiences with creatures, large and small, Steve reveals tricks of camouflage, feats of strength, endurance, teamwork and speed, as well as giving us a glimpse into the lives of extremeophiles and looking at some of our planet's endangered species.

This is a great book to accompany Steve Backshall's top children's television programme.  Within the book, Steve Backshall has packed the book with facts and photographs which will fascinate the reader.

The book has eight sections where animals are included for the following reasons: Speed; Camouflage and Traps; Bite; Power; Senses; Teamwork; Extremeophiles; and Endangered. Each section is packed full of fun facts, fantastic photographs and personal memories and experiences from Steve are included in the book. There are a wide range of animals included in the book, including animals i have never heard of.

I really enjoyed the sections of the book that concentrated on senses - giving the readers an idea of the extreme senses that they do have which enable them to survive in the wild.  

This book would make a perfect gift for animal lovers or fans of Steve Backshall of any age. Fantastic pictures but also fantastic facts within the book.

Thank you to Michael at The School Run and Orion for sending me the book to review.

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