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Friday, 27 May 2011

When I Dream Of ABC by Mr Henry Fisher

Enter the dreamy world of ABC in this soothing bedtime book. A humorous exploration of the many strange and extraordinary characters that inhabit a fantastical dreamworld, encouraging children to learn their ABC. From shy dragons and opera singing mermaids, to bossy queens and hot chocolate drinking vampires, learning the alphabet has never been so fascinating.

A beautiful book for young children to introduce them to the ABC. Unlike the traditional alphabet books this one is full of animals and characters that will capture a child's imagination. Each letter is accompanied by a full page illustration and a little verse to introduce the item. The illustrations are simple, featuring child like creations but are detailed enough to discuss with the child.

This is a book which I would recommend as a gift for a young child. I am sure this will quickly become a story time favourite and children will enjoy looking through it on their own too where they will become entranced in the pictures and loose themselves in their own little world of make believe.

Thank you to Top That Publishing for sending me the book to review as part of the Yummy Mummy Book Reviewers program.

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