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Friday, 6 May 2011

Jack Splat, Superfly Pest by Lou Kuenzler

This is a hilarious new series, told from the fly-on-the-wall perspective of our death-defying hero Jack Splat as he goes about his daily business - landing on tasty bits of food and spreading germs. But there is danger everywhere for a small fly, and Jack must dodge dastardly attempts to bring his life to a swift end! Jack is excited by the sight of a large, deliciously sweet birthday cake, and gatecrashes a party to get at it - but he needs to watch out for the scheming spider that lurks in the living room...

This book will appeal to children everywhere who love talk about bodily functions,

It starts with a story about a maggot being born and developing into a fly - it is in a style similar to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Jack is a young fly who decides to go on his own adventure, alone, and tells his mum he will become a famous fly, like Neil Flewstrong or Christopher Columbuzz. However his first problem is when he flies into a window before smelling a chocolate birthday cake behind the window which he wants to taste. The story continues with a family of ants also wanting the same treat. They all try different approaches before they all encounter a child's birthday party and come to the same sorry end!

Lou Kuenzler has achieved the perfect balance while writing this story. It has the lifecycle of a fly along with facts about how flies live, their habits around food and how they can cause infection and disease. There are also interesting facts about flies. The book has lots of cartoony drawings to accompany the story and brings the story alive.

Kids of all ages will love this book - I know my son, who is 7, enjoys anything to do with bodily functions, snot, slime and pure mess, and while I was thinking Yuck, he was giggling away and wanting to know what happened next!

I recommend this book as a great gift for anyone aged 7+.

Thank you to Stripes Publishing for sending me this book to review.

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