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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Village Teacher by Jack Sheffield

It's 1980: recession and unemployment have hit Britain, a royal wedding is on the way, and the whole country is wondering Who Shot JR? As Jack returns for his fourth year at Ragley-on-the Forest School, there's a definite chill in the air. Village schools are being closed down all over the place - will his be one of them? As school life continues - Vera, the school secretary, has to grapple with a new-fangled electric typewriter, Ruby celebrates ten years as the school cleaner, and the village panto throws up some unusual problems - Jack wonders what the future holds...'Wry observation and heartwarming humour in equal measure' - Alan Titchmarsh.
This is a lovely series about a headteacher, Jack Sheffield, of a village primary school and the daily life of the school. I have read the previous three books in this series and each time a new book is released I look forward to seeing what is in store for the school this year.
The book is based around the headteacher, however within each chapter are some delightful snippets from the children - some of those funny things that come out of a child's mouth, which immediately start me giggling! There is a warmth about the book, village life where everyone knows each other and gossip is round every corner.
Sheffield has definitely done his research, with many true historical events included in the book - this book includes the engagement of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, along with many other events which had an effect on the characters - the metric systems being introduced and the school secretary, Vera, having to adapt to using an electric typewriter.
The book does end on a cliff hanger - the fate of the primary school, will it be closed? and also Jack and Beth's relationship, will it survive?
I loved this book and have already started on book 5, which carries on from the end of this book and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.
I would recommend that these books are read in order as the reader gets to know the characters but if you like books by Gervase Phinn I recommend these books to you.

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