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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook by Jason Heller

In the tradition of our popular "Batman Handbook" and "Indiana Jones Handbook" comes the world's only guide to emulating the most popular pirate in motion picture history: "Captain Jack Sparrow". How popular is Captain Jack? Consider that the first three "Pirates of the Caribbean films" - "The Curse of the Black Pearl" (2003), "Dead Man's Chest" (2006) and "At World's End" (2007) - grossed a combined $1 billion dollars in the United States alone. Now Johnny Depp and his mates are returning for "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", due in theaters May 20, 2011. Illustrated with film stills, line drawings, and helpful diagrams, "The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook" will cover everything a swaggering swashbuckler needs to know, including: How to sail a ship; How to climb rigging; How to decipher a treasure map; How to break a curse; How to survive being marooned; How to battle a sea monster; and much, much more. With skills derived from all three films-and up-to-the-minute data regarding the forthcoming "On Stranger Tides" - this handbook will be a surefire hit with Pirates fans of all ages
The perfect accompaniment for pirates young and old! A great looking handbook which would look right in place in a ship's cabin.
The handbook is split into six chapters: Piracy; Maritime Skills; People Skills; Acquiring Booty; Cheating Death; and Mysteries of the Deep. Each chapter is filled with useful info, including how to become a pirate; types of pirate; pirate garb and gear; how to climb rigging; how to fire a cannon; how to disguise your gender; how to gamble; how to make a treasure map;how to escape from being tied up; how to survive being marooned and how to vanquish Davy Jones. All useful information when you are a pirate.
The book includes photographs from the popular Pirates of the Caribbean film series along with many hand drawn illustrations to accompany the text perfectly. The text is full of interesting facts, those little facts which will amaze friends and family everywhere. There is loads of information crammed into each section which will keep readers occupied for hours on end. However, I would of loved a bit more on the history of pirates on the high seas, an area which seems to have been missed.
I would recommend this to fans of the film series of all ages but also to older children interested in Pirates in general. A great addition to a book case for swash buckling fans of all ages.
Thank you to Mathew Archer from PGUK for sending me this book to review.

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