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Thursday, 24 February 2011

To the moon and back by Jill Mansell

The gorgeously indulgent, funny and touching new novel from the bestselling author When Ellie Kendall tragically loses her husband she feels her life is over. But eventually she's ready for a new start - at work, that is. She doesn't need a new man when she has a certain secret visitor to keep her company...Zack McLaren seems to have it all, but the girl he can't stop thinking about won't give him a second glance. If only she'd pay him the same attention she lavishes on his dog. Moving to North London, Ellie meets neighbour Roo who has a secret of her own. Can the girls sort out their lives? Guilt is a powerful emotion, but a lot can happen in a year in Primrose Hill...

First off, confession time - this is the first Jill Mansell book I have ever read, However it will not be the last! As soon as I opened the book and started reading it I was hooked. It was an easy read, with short, easily digested chapters which shouted at me to read, just one more, before bed!

The book centres around Ellie Kendall, a young woman who is having to rebuild her life following the death of her adored husband Jamie. The book is a love story but it, sympathetically, tells the story of how Jamie is still a large part of Ellie's life, she still has conversations with him and values his opinions and thoughts. There are also other people involved in the story, Jamies father, the film star Tony Weston, who looks out for his daughter in law and sets her up in a new home since the house in which the flat she lived in with Jamie has been filled with undesirables. Her house move brings with it a new friend, Roo, a has been pop star called Daisy Deeva, who lives opposite Ellie and is having an affair with a married man. And then there is Ellie's new boss, Zack, a charming man who spots Ellie before she even interviews for the job, having a meal at the Ivy with Tony.

The story, as i previously stated, is a love story, and throughout the book I was shouting ' Just tell him/her' but in fact, the story was perfect and I loved the whole story. I do, however, have one complaint - the story ended too quickly, unless of course, Jill Mansell has ideas for a second book to complete this one!

This is a great book, one perfect for a holiday read and I will definitely be reading more of Jill's books in the future.

Thank you to Headline Publishing for sending me the book to review.

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