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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Top Dog (Super Phonic Readers) Ladybird

Top Dog is no ordinary Pup. He has been trained in the way of the ninja. When the Bite Club Gang steal a lorry full of pet food from the factory, Top Dog is on hand with a flip, chop and a kick to make sure they don't get away! These are beginner reading books for children who have been learning synthetic phonics in school. Help your child learn to read at home without contradicting schoolwork. These exciting superhero adventures are ideal for building confidence in learning to read. Special 'Superhero Secrets' puzzle pages help build comprehension skills. It includes stickers and a reward chart to keep learning fun.
This is a perfect book for young boys (and girls) everywhere who are learning to read. The book begins with a note to parents, explaining that the book is aimed at children who have completed the initial phonic learning and are now beginning to apply their learning to read books. The book also includes 30 bright and cheery reward stickers along with a certificate for the child after they have read the book.
The story is about Top Dog and his adventure while stopping a gang from stealing pet food from a factory. I think the story will appeal to boys - an important consideration, because it is important that the books the children are given to read must appeal to them and finding books for boys who are learning to read can be difficult. The pictures are bright, colourful and of a cartoon appearance.
The book also contains a page of puzzles to ensure the reader understood the story and a list of tricky words contained in the story.
This book will appeal to boys and girls alike, especially the boys and is a level one book.
Thank you to Ladybird Books for sending me this book to review.

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