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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Summer of Love by Katie Fforde

Sian Bishop has only ever experienced one moment of recklessness - a moment that resulted in her beloved son Rory. It's not that she doesn't love the outcome of that wild night, but since then she has always taken the safer route. So when dependable, devoted Richard suggests a move to the beautiful English countryside, she leaves the hustle and bustle of the city behind, and she throws herself into the picture-postcard cottage garden, her furniture restoration business, and a new life in the country. Her good intentions are torpedoed on a glorious summer's evening with the arrival of Gus Berresford. One-time explorer and full-time heartbreaker, Gus is ridiculously exciting, wonderfully glamorous and a completely inappropriate love interest for a single mum. But Gus and Sian have met before...Sian has no use for a fling, she simply mustn't fall in love with the most unlikely suitor ever to cross her path - even if he has now crossed her path twice. But who knows what can happen in a summer of love...
I am a great fan of Katie Fforde's books and always look forward to her new releases. This book was no exception. As soon as I started this book I was drawn into it and found it difficult to put it down.
The story is a love story, however it is more than that. A single mum who has been single since a one night stand at a party which could not develop further as the man, Gus, was going away. Sian has looked after her son from day one on her own, although a close male friend, Richard, has proposed and has promised that she and her son will want for nothing - except Sian is not certain that she loves him.
The story starts with Kate moving to a small village from London, to provide a better life for her and her son, enrolling him in a local nursery, run by Richard's sister, in a small cottage. Her first visitor, Fiona, welcomes her to the village and she becomes a confidante, a friend and introduces her to village life. Imagine Sian's shock when, at a dinner party arranged to introduce her to other villagers, her son, Angus, returns from his latest exploration trip - he is Sian's son's father!
The story explores this unusual turn of events, from Fiona's point of view, the grandmother who never knew he existed, Angus, the father who never knew he existed - how will Fiona tell him that he has a son; Sian's mother, who is the grandmother and has been there to help Fiona; and also Richard, who loves him like a son, is an old school friend of Angus's and does not realise the feelings that are rebrewing between Angus and Sian.
There is also a light humour side to the book, Angus's mother, Fiona, has signed up to Internet dating and goes on a few date but then finds love closer to home - how will Angus react to his mother's new relationship and sex life!
As I said, I always enjoy Katie Fforde's books and this one is no exception. It was an easy read, it is to be promoted as a Mothers Day read and is a perfect present for mums everywhere of any age - there is something for everyone, young mums and grandma's alike, everyone will enjoy it!! The book is one which draws you in and would be great to read curled up in the winter or also read while sunning oneself on a beach in the summer.
Well done Katie on another brilliant book.
Thank you to Random House for sending me the book to review.

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  1. Looking forward to this one.
    thanks for the review