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Friday, 7 January 2011

The Clumsies make a mess of the BIG show by Sorrel Anderson

Shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny prize 2010 -- The Clumsies are back in their third and most hilarious book yet! Full of the surreal invention and sparkling wit we've come to expect, this latest instalment will have everyone checking under their desks for talking mice! Howard's evil boss Mr Bullerton has decided to put on a Big Show at work -- and he wants Howard to sing! Trouble is, Howard's singing is worse than awful! and Mr Bullerton knows it. Now Howard faces an epic humiliation. Can the Clumsies help by turning Mr Bullerton's concert into total chaos? Silly question.
My daughter loves The Clumsies books and as soon as she saw this one, she started reading it.
I really like the style of this book, it is one which will appeal to children everywhere. Unlike other books of this level, there is not continual text. The text is broken up with pictures - there are a mixture of pencil sketches and real photographs with sketches added. The illustrator, Nicola Slater, has done a great job with the illustrations throughout the book. The text has different type faces intermingled within the main text, adding interest to the pages and breaking up huge paragraphs.
There are three stories within the book; trolley, Uncle Gillian and The Big Show (parts one and two). They are great stories which will have children giggling while reading them. The Clumsies are two mice called Purvis and Mickey Thompson and live with Howard. The first story is about their adventure to visit the Christmas Tree in the buildings foyer, Story two sees the mice's uncle Gillian visit and the third story sees Howard's boss, Mr Bullerton, nominating Howard to sing in the big show with a song about how great a person and boss Mr Bullerton is, penned by Mr Bullerton. The Clumsies get up to their usual mischief throughout the book.
This book is a great book to share at story time or for young readers to read themselves and I recommend it to all. Expect to be laughing out loud throughout the book though, it is infectious.
Thank you to Sorrell Anderson for sending me the book to review and for the brownie points I gained from my daughter.

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