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Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Story of the World Cup by Richard Brassey

The Story of the World Cup

This is a colourful history of the World Cup from the author of THE STORY OF THE OLYMPICS. From the first tournament in Uruguay to England's legendary 1966 win and beyond, with red cards, penalty shoot-outs and goals galore, there are fun facts football fans can use to impress their family and friends. This book will delight fans of all ages, and is great value for money at GBP4.99 in full colour. It is perfectly timed to tie in with the World Cup 2014, and it has global potential - every country on Earth follows the World Cup!

At this time of the year there are lots of books, magazines, cards to collect, sticker albums, newspaper supplements all dedicated to one subject - The World Cup. It can be guaranteed that a small number of photographs will be reproduced in a number of the publications, making  them all feel very samey.

This book however is a breath of fresh air! I really like Richard Brassey's books,  having previously reviewed both The Queen and Robin Hood by Brassey. His books are very recognisable - full of lots of historical facts told in children friendly text and full of illustrations. There are no photographs within his books but full of illustrations which are all recognisable.  

The book is perfect for young and older football fans alike. There is reference to the first ever world cup , aongside some of the most historic world cups of recent years. It contains must know facts alongside other more obscure facts which young children will adore.

I would say this book is a fantastic accompaniment to world cup viewing this year.

Thank you to the publishers, Orion Children's Books, for sending me the book to review.

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