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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Charlie Merrick's Misfits in Fouls, Friends and my World Cup by Dave Cousins

Charlie Merrick's Misfits in Fouls, Friends, and Football

'I play for North Star Galaxy and this is the story of our first season. I don't know how it's going to end - but I hope it will be at the World Cup Finals this summer! I'm going to tell you everything that happens - the truth - however painful that might be.' Charlie loves football. He watches it, memorizes facts about it, and he's even the captain of the local youth team, North Star Galaxy. When Charlie discovers that youth teams are being selected to play in exhibition matches at the World Cup tournament later that year he decides to enter North Star. There's one problem. He's got to prove that North Star deserve a place at the tournament and that's not easy when your team are kind of rubbish at football! This book takes the form of Charlie's competition entry for his team to play a warm-up match at the World Cup - it's crammed with hilarious doodles, true facts, and match reports, and is totally accessible for boys, girls, reluctant readers, and footie-mad kids everywhere!

If I want to ensure that my son will pick up a book to read, give him a book which contains football! Therefore this book is perfect for him.

Charlie Merrick is the team captain of North Star Galaxy and all he ever thinks about is Football. However, he has a problem, all his good team players have left. He also has another problem: he is better in his head at playing football than his feet can actually  manage. However, he is determined to get his team selected to play in the exhibition matches at the tournament. To do this, he must find new, good, players and fast.

My son is a big fan of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates - he loves the style of those books, a great story which is told around cartoon style inserts and interesting random page layouts which break up the story. This book is all of that but also contains match reports and great facts that any football fan will digest with interest.

The story is about football, but also is about friendship, teamwork and perseverance -  important skills to learn when part of a football team. It is perfect for readers age 9+ years, but would also be great for younger readers to read with their peers. 

It also has a bonus added extra - a full colour wall chart for The World  Cup 2014 making it an ideal gift to give this summer.

Perfect for any budding football players or footie fans

I received this book through the Amazon Vine Programme. 

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