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Friday, 20 June 2014

Blog Tour - Love Like the Movies by Victoria Van Tiem.

Today I am pleased to welcome Victoria Van Tiem to my blog. Victoria's debut novel, Love Like the Movies was released yesterday (Thursday 19 June 2014)

In the book Kenzi Shaw, through her job as a marketing executive, must pitch her ideas to a new company, whos contract is vital to keeping her job. All sounds possible until she realises that the person she is presenting her ideas to is her first love. Shane Bennett broke her heart by leaving USA and returning home to the United Kingdom without a real explanation. Shane has a secret clause to add before he will sign the contract, that Kenzie must re-enact scenes from their top ten favourite romantic comedy movies,

Victoria Van Tiem has, very kindly, introduced me to her top comedic actors and actresses who are fantastic leads in romantic comedies, my favourite movie genre, and some of their top movie lines.

ROM-COM SUPPORT - a top five list by Victoria Van Tiem

In LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES, Ellie, Kensington’s sweet best friend, and Tonya, a frenemy at best, play the straight man to Kenzi’s situations and dialogue, helping her to shine as the lead. That’s how comedy works, you need the front man to deliver the line, but just as important, maybe even more so, is the straight man to respond to it. One doesn’t work without the other, but all too often, the delivery man is the only one under the spotlight.
Do you recognize the faces below? They’re in everything and each one is a comedic genius in his or her own right.


Judy Greer

Best Known Movies: 13 Going On 30, 27 Dresses, The Wedding Planner, Playing For Keeps, What Women Want, Love & Other Drugs, Elizabeth Town, Love Happens & now stars in the FRAMILY commercials which are weirdly wonderful. 


Judy as Casey, 27 Dresses: He asks if you want a drink. You smile and say, ‘Vodka soda.’ If you already have a drink, you down it. Then there’s some flirting, some interoffice sex, an accidental pregnancy, a shot gun wedding, and a life of bliss. How many times do we have to go over this?

Judy as Penny, The Wedding Planner: Oh no, darnit…I just remembered that I promised my friend’s brother’s godmother that I would help her change her fax cartridge because she’s going out of town tomorrow…on and African safari.

Stanley Tucci

Best known Movies: Devil Wears Prada, The Hunger Games, Burlesque, Julie & Julia, Easy A, Shall We Dance, Maid In Manhattan, The Pelican Brief, America’s Sweethearts, Swing Vote, It Could Happen To You.
Side note: Would Devil Wears Prada even half as good without Nigel’s compassion for Andy, played by Anne Hathaway, or his quick wit lines? I don’t think so.

Andy: So none of the girls here eat anything?
Stanley as Nigel: Not since two became new four and zero became the new two.
Andy: Well, I'm a six...
Stanley as Nigel: Which is the new fourteen.

Stanley as Nigel: Don't make me feed you to one of the models.

Andy: She hates me, Nigel.
Stanley as Nigel: And that's my problem because... Oh, wait. No, it's not my problem.
Kathryn Hahn

Best known Movies: Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, Were the Millers, How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, Wanderlust, How Do You Know, The Holiday, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.
Side note: Kathryn Hahn delivers one of the best Rom-Com lines ever in WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON.
Kathryn as Angelica the bartender: …love you get over in two months, big love you get over in two years, and great love, well great love... changes your life.”

Thomas Lennon

Best known Movies: 17 Again, We’re The Millers, Bad Teacher, How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, What’s Your Number?, Le Divorce, That’s What She Said
Side note:  Thomas starred in the short-lived TV series Sean Saves the World and was BRILLIANT.

Thomas as Ned Gold, 17 Again: …I think our hands just made a baby.”


Joan Cusack

Best known Movies: Working Girl, Sixteen Candles, High Fidelity, Runaway Bride, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Raising Helen, My Sister’s Keeper, Toys, Nine Months, Where The Heart Is, Mr. Wrong, Married To The Mob, Runaway Bride

Joan as Peggy Flemming, Runaway Bride:No, I’m not mysterious, I’m weird... Weird and mysterious are two very different things.”

LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES is a contemporary romantic comedy, and just like all Rom-Com’s, it features starring roles.  But Kensington and Shane wouldn’t shine as bright without a little help from their friends. I hope you enjoy their story and getting to know the entire supporting cast.

Victoria x

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today Victoria - I am halfway through the book and my review will follow soon. I am enjoying it so far and I think it would make a great movie too!

Thank you to the publishers, Pan MacMillan, for arranging this blog tour. 

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  1. Love Victoria and the fresh voice she brings to chick li. Can't wait to see what you thought.