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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Me and my sister by Sinead Moriarty

Me and My Sisters

There's more than one way of being a modern woman, not that the Devlin sisters would admit it ...Harassed mum Julie used to be the easy-going one, but now she is struggling to keep sane. She needs support, but how could her sisters understand? After all, their lives are perfect. One drunken mistake is jeopardising everything lawyer Louise has worked so hard for. For a control freak like her, being out of control is terrifying. Despite herself, she too needs her sisters. And gorgeous Sophie's perfect designer lifestyle is falling apart at the seams. She can hardly bring herself to tell the other two the trouble she's in. The Devlin sisters think they have little in common. They might just be in for some big surprises... ( taken from waterstones product page )

One thing you can always guarantee when you pick up a book by Sinead Moriarty is that the book will be full of women with a story to tell and this book is no exception!

The book follows the Devlin sisters who all have their own lives, each one different to the others, full of their own day to day challenges and goals.  Julie is mum to three boys; Louise is a lawyer, who lives to work and when she finds out she is pregnant assumes that the baby will fit around her high powered job. The third sister, Sophie, appears, to the outsider, that she has everything - a gorgeous husband who has a highly paid job, the show house home, and a beautiful daughter. She is then dealt a cruel blow, when her husband loses his job and they are forced to move in with her parents while they get back on their feet.  The book follows the three sisters as they deal with what life has dealt them and I loved the journey  that each sister goes through in the book.
Sinead Moriarty has addressed the issues each sister goes through in a real life way. The issues are all feasible in today's society and the sisters actions are all realistic and could happen.   The characters were all modern day girls, characters which you may see in everyday life.

The sisters were all great characters who I would love to have been friends with and I really enjoyed following their lives through this 'life changing' period they all had. 
A great read for all Sinead Moriarty fans or for anyone who loves a good family saga read. It is a great book to add to any holiday bag this summer!

Thank you to Waterstones  and the publishers, Penguin, for sending me this book to review.

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