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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Adventures in Parenthood by Denise Van Outen

Adventures in Parenthood
In her second parenting book, Denise van Outen recounts, with her trademark warmth and honest, down-to-earth attitude, the joys and challenges of motherhood following the birth of her daughter Betsy with Lee Mead. ADVENTURES IN PARENTHOOD tells the trials and tribulations of those first 18 months of parenthood, when everything is new. Denise believes it's important to be open and to share as a new mum - she has spoken out about breastfeeding and being a working mum in the press - and this book does exactly that. Denise draws not just on her own experience, but also those of her non-celebrity friends. Some of her Twitter followers have also added their own advice and experience. This frank and honest account from Denise is a great holiday read for any new parent who is wondering if anyone else is feeling the same way they are - the answer is usually yes!

There are many celebrity books out which are trying to get people into a new craze or are trying to say they are the new chef, stylist, make up artist etc. However, this book is not one of those. It is Denise Van Outen sharing her 'diary' about the first 18 months of her daughter's life and her personal feelings about the trials and tribulations that lots of new parents go through every day.

The book is one which new, first time parents or parents who have more than one child will find informative. There are many hints and tips and tried suggestions for many of a newborn babies milestones. Each chapter also ends with 'words from my twitter followers' which show that they are real problems/difficulties which affect everyone and gives some really good ideas which have helped others in the same situation.

This is a book which can be dipped into to any time to 'research' a specific time in an infants development or could be read front to back as a diary/book. It is a good read which will be a perfect gift for a new time mum.

Thank you to the publishers, Headline, for sending me the book to review.

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