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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Socks by Nick Sharratt and Elizabeth Lindsay


Laugh your socks off! Stripy sharks and woolly crocs, Purple dogs with polka dots! What can you see made from Socks? Kids (and grownups!) will love this socktastic celebration of the nation's favourite footwear. Look out for sockerels, sockodiles and Goldisocks, and prepare to see your socks in a whole new light. 

This book follows the success of Pants! and More Pants! and has now moved to Socks! 

The book is full of brightly coloured socks of all descriptions. The pictures are black and white except the socks. I love these books, the authors have great imaginations and have created some fantastic creations. 

This book can not be read out aloud with a straight face, you are smiling as soon as you start page 1. There are lots of made up words and lots of verse, which children will want you to read again and again.

I would recommend this book as the perfect gift for children up to about 7 years old and would be a great addition to a nursery, preschool or early years setting.

Thank you to Michael from The School Run Forum and David Fickling Books for sending me the book to review.

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