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Friday, 30 March 2012

Ladybird Souvenir: HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

HM Queen Elizabeth II: Diamond Jubilee

This is a very special "Ladybird" souvenir edition to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen's 60-year reign has seen many changes but her reputation as the world's most famous and beloved monarch continues to this day. Read about her early childhood, coronation, family life, and the way she has shaped the modern monarchy over the last sixty years. There are also fascinating facts about the number of Prime Ministers and leaders she's known, all the countries visited, her official portraits and more.

I have collected many of the Ladybird souvenir books of the Royal Family and when Ladybird sent me their souvenir book to celebrate The Wedding of Prince William and Katherine I was disappointed to find the format had changed. However, when i received this book I was pleased to find that they had returned to the traditional format and I will be displaying this book on my shelf along with my other first editions.

The book begins with the Windsor family tree and includes all the current royal family (except the latest addition to Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly's family born today, Isla Phillips). 

The book details the Queen's life from the very beginning, a princess who, when born, was not expected to be Queen, until her uncle King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry the divorcee, Wallis Simpson, and the crown passed to his brother, King George VI.

The book touches on many of the highlights in her life: her wedding; her coronation; her children; her work around the world; the recent royal weddings and her jubilee year.

There are brief descriptions of the Queen's life and also includes many beautiful photos depicting many highlights from her life so far.

This book would be a lovely keepsake for children of all ages and would be a great introduction into the life of our Queen.  I would recommend this as a lovely gift and also a great addition to any school or class library.

Thank you to Ladybird for sending me the book to review and for also reversing back to the traditional format for this souvenir book.

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