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Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog Goes for Gold by Jeremy Strong

The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog Goes for Gold!

Guess what's coming to town? The Animal Games! There'll be show jumping for horses and rabbits and Discus for Dogs - so of course I have to enter Streaker. Mum says a carrot is more obedient than my dog but I think she can do it - Streaker can go for gold.

The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog is back and this time is involved in a great story which links up to London hosting The Olympics 2012. 

Streaker and his owner were in bed, ill, when there was a loud noise downstairs - Tina had crashed into the rubbish bin on her skateboard. She was excited because their town council had decided to celebrate the International Games by holding their own International Games, for animals!  Of course, they immediately decide that Streaker should take part.
They were also excited about the International Games because local athlete, Kriss Okonjo, would be competing and while they were training Streaker, they were surprised to find Kriss was also training in the same woods. 

The story is, typical Jeremy Strong, a great read, funny and ideal for children aged 7+.  The book will be perfect in the build up to The Olympics, getting children interested in events and the games as a whole. There are hilarious moments when they are training Streaker, there is the possibility of underhand tactics and lots of training. A fantastic read for children aged seven years and over and is a great book for sharing at bedtime or for children who are beginning to read independently.

The book has lots of pencil sketches throughout the story, these have been drawn by Rowan Clifford and the front cover illustrated by Nick Sharratt. They are fantastic illustrations which accompany the story brilliantly.

I would recommend this as a great book for fans of Jeremy Strong and also anyone wanting to get into the Olympic spirit early.

Thank you to the publishers, Puffin Books, for sending me the book to review.

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