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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Lost Puppy by Holly Webb

The Lost Puppy

Ruby is thrilled when she gets to meet her aunt's dachshund's new puppies for the very first time. And her parents have a wonderful surprise - she is going to have one of them for her very own! Ruby chooses the cheekiest, most adventurous puppy, Toby, and the two have fun playing together. But Toby's inquisitive nature gets him into serious trouble on a woodland walk, when he slips his collar and goes off to investigate the woods by himself. Soon he is lost and very frightened, especially as night falls. Will Ruby and Toby ever be reunited?

Ask many children what they would like for their birthday and I am sure many will ask for a puppy. Ruby is the same - her aunt has dachshund puppy's and one of them will be her present! Toby is the chosen puppy and both Ruby and her younger sister, Anya, are besotted with him - however on a family walk Toby manages to slip her lead and gets himself lost in the woods. The family can not find him and spend a night worrying about him, however, Toby is picked up by a kindly jogger - will owner and puppy be reunited?

This is another great animal story by Holly Webb - perfect for animal lovers. One thing that I like about Holly Webb's animal stories, especially these books more than The Naughty Little Puppy, is that they cover areas that pet owners may have to cope with. In this book the subject of microchipping pets is covered as well as the ease that dogs can slip their lead or run off when out for a walk. However, these areas are covered in a fantastic story which children will enjoy as a book they read themselves (early readers +) or as a story shared at bedtime, listening to adults or their peers reading it to them. The chapters are short and perfect for bed time.

I would recommend this as a great story for anyone who has their own puppy or is hoping for one soon.

Thank you to the publishers, Stripes Publishing, for sending me the book to review

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