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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Undercover Aliens (Oli and Skipjack's Tales of Trouble) by Ceci Jenkinson

Cosmic Trouble! Did Grundy Thicket really see a UFO, or was it a flying sheep? Who is the blue blob on Ringo's Hostility Detector? Is Mr Grimble an alien from the planet Quorkidellian? Will Skipjack's brain be sucked out through his ears? Can Oli save the world from the evil Zolborg Naphax? Before these questions are answered -there'll be trouble! This is the sixth book in the hilarious "Tales of Trouble" series.

A great read for boys age 9+ who have wild imaginations and love aliens! A book full of those strange alien names and weird plots that is only available when aliens are included.

The story is about Oli and Skipjack who have a new friend, Ringo, who has moved in near by and says he lived previously in Kalamistan, but the boys don't believe him and when they find his 'mobile phone' which is not a mobile phone they are determined to find out who he really is and what he is doing at their school. Boys being boys, they get into the usual scrapes and are soon trying to save the world from Zolborg Naphax.

Well written, full of great pencil sketches and plenty to stretch any ones imagination.

A great read, recommended to boys and alien lovers everywhere.

Thank you to Faber Kids for sending me this book to review.

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