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Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Lost Gardens by Philip Osment and Michael Foreman (Collins Big Cat Drama)

Stumbling upon a hidden and forgotten garden, three young friends find themselves transported to World War One, and caught up in the shocking truth of young soldiers sent to fight for their country. Beautifully illustrated by Kate Greenaway winner Michael Foreman, this thought-provoking play helps to bring the First World War into modern day. * Diamond/Band 17 books offer more complex, underlying themes to give opportunities for children to understand causes and points of view. * A playscript * Curriculum Links: History: What was it like to live here in the past?

Another interesting book from the Collins Big Cat series. This book is from the Drama range and is a play, with seven characters. The drama could be read as a role play with six children playing the children's role and an adult playing the old lady. It includes plenty of history, the first world war and tells the story of a young soldier called Albert, within the story and is a great text for school.

Thank you to Michael from The School Run Forum for sending me the book to review.

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