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Friday, 18 March 2011

William and Kate: The Royal Wedding (Ladybird)

This is a very special Ladybird souvenir book to commemorate the engagement and impending marriage of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton. Learn about how they met, their growing romance, the engagement and their wedding plans. There are also fascinating facts about previous royal weddings, including that of William's parents HRH Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
When I was younger, I collected books about the British Monarchy. I have passed on many of the books, keeping only a few books which were special. I managed to get first editions of most of the ladybird special royal family books - the commemenorative editions to celebrate the weddings of both Prince Charles to Princess Diana and also Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson and other ladybird books, including The Queen and The Queen Mother.
When the announcement was made of the engagement and the subsequent naming of the day for Prince William and Kate I have been looking at the books released to celebrate the occasion, waiting for Ladybird to bring out their book to add to my collection and here it is!
I was initially disappointed as it was in a different format to the rest of my collection. It is not the same size as the rest of my collection. However, as soon as i opened the book I was glad to see the content is as good as ever. The royal family tree is included of the house of Windsor. The book is full of beautiful photographs of the couple and Williams family.
The book includes a brief summary of both William and Kate's life so far, their meeting at university and their relationship's ups and down, the proposal and their lives now. There is a page about Diana, the Princes of Wales and also Kate's fashion (no comparison made to Diana). There are pages relating to the wedding venue, Westminster Abbey and also a look back at the royal weddings of the past, along with a look to the future for the royal couple.
I really enjoyed looking through this book. The photographs are beautiful, with both posed pictures, but also photographs taken when they are off guard, relaxed in their lives. A nice introduction to the future King of England and his wife to be with a look at their lives and a look back at royal weddings of the past.
Well done to Ladybird - another book to add to my collection.
Thank you to Ladybird for sending me the book to review.

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