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Monday, 14 March 2011

See Inside Science by Alex Frith (Usborne)

Fabulous flap book that demonstrates basic scientific ideas in a simple and engaging way. Each double page shows key ideas from a different branch of science, including astronomy, ecology, chemistry and physics. Reveals the secrets of how our world works and provides children with a strong foundation in science. With over 50 embedded flaps to lift.

This series of books are fantastic! Children of all ages will adore these books - with flaps to open, uncovering lots of hidden information to be found on each page.
There are nine sections in the book: In the beginning; Heavenly bodies; Life as we know it; The smallest things, The secret behind everything; Mixed reactions; Putting things together; See into the future and What's what.
There are lots of facts to discover - some will help with homework, others will wow teachers due to the strange facts you can discover in this book.
There is much to learn from this book - although some of the information could be difficult to understand, this book explains it in a way that children will understand and I think it will also encourage further investigation - through other books or the Internet. A great book to introduce children of all ages to science!

I recommend this as a great present to give to a child who is beginning to ask How or Why? An introduction to science, in child friendly language, which will give children the insight into a subject they will hopefully want to learn more about after reading this book.

Thank you to Amy for sending me this book to review.

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