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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Surprise Party by Sue Welfare

One idyllic family, or so it seemed! The party was supposed to be the ultimate surprise, but instead it turned out to be the most ordinary event of the day! When warring sisters Suzie and Liz come together to organise a 40th anniversary party for their parents, they struggle to keep their personal dramas in check and make it a magical day. Suzie is struggling to keep her marriage afloat and Liz is keen to retain her Queen Bee status. Their aunt and mother are much the same, with Lilly and Fleur at loggerheads over their very different lives. Meanwhile Suzie's daughters Hannah and Megan are learning that growing up isn't as easy as their parents profess. As the champagne flows and the drama unfolds, it quickly becomes clear that this is a party that no-one will ever forget -- but will there be a happy family left at the end? A wondrous tale about the joys of family and how sparse our lives would be without them! A perfect read for fans of Carole Matthews and Kathy Lette. This is a book about a family organising and celebrating 40 years of marriage of Rose and Jack. The book is also about sisters - Rose and Fleur, Rose's daughters Suzie and Liz, and Suzie's daughters Hannah and Megan. As with all families, there are secrets, however, not all secrets are found out the night a surprise party is arranged for a 40th wedding anniversary. Relatives and guests invited to the original wedding are invited to help celebrate along with new friends and family. There are three generations of sisters, and each generation have their own secrets and problems throughout the book Fleur moved to Australia and appears to have left her male companion on the day she travelled to England. Suzie has done most of the planning and setting up of the party, whereas Liz has paid for it but not helping much as she is a TV star. Hannah and Megan are the youngsters - Hannah has got in with a bad crowd, drinks and drugs are offered, what will Hannah decide. Megan is trying not to appear the youngster and is a solid source of help to Suzie. But what is the secret that Suzie and her male friend Matt appear to be hiding, Suzie is happily married to Max but appears to be sharing a secret future with Matt. The story is a great easy read, with characters that you can warm to and I enjoyed reading it, finding out the next secret that would be uncovered. There were a couple that I guessed but then others I was way of the mark, although I think I was led that way in the story and then surprised at the last minute. The three generations of family was a great side to the story, each generation having their own problems, dealt with in their own ways. The story is basically one day - the day of the party, however there is enough that happens on that day to fill the book! It is not the conventional chick lit book - I think that is aimed at the 30 and 40 year old chick lit lovers, but don't let that put you off, all ages will enjoy the read. Thank you to Avon for sending me the book to review.

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