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Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Potty Penguin - Lucy Courtney (Animal Antics bk 3)

Pepper the penguin is desperate to fly, but her family and friends just laugh at her - everyone knows penguins can't fly! Pepper is determined to prove them wrong and sets to work, but try as she might she always seems to end up head-first in a snow drift. Can anyone help Pepper achieve her dream? A fantastic new series packed with crazy capers and brought to life by Phil Alderson's imaginative cartoon-style illustrations.

Pepper the penguin is a young penguin chick who should be spending his days practising her swimming but instead she sneaks away from her friends and tries to fly! Pepper makes friends with an injured albatross and brings him fish in return for him teaching her how to fly. However, the albatross decides he has regained his strength and will return home, just as Pepper's family find out about where she disappears to - but who told them? Was it her best friend or her cousin who is jealous of her? And who steps in to rescue her when she slides of a cliff into the sea where Neil the seal is waiting for her lunch to drop into his mouth?

I think this is a lovely book - great for children everywhere, whether they are being read to or reading it independently. The pictures are great -they are neither just cute or cartoony but great line drawings by Phil Alderson. The story talks about friendships, family rivalry and loyalty. I also liked the final two pages of the book which included some great 'Totally True' facts about penguins.

Thank you to Jane from Stripes Publishing for sending me this book to review. I will be passing it on to my children to enjoy just as much as me!!

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