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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Birthday Party by Veronica Henry

Delilah Rafferty has lived out her tempestuous marriage to hell-raiser Raf in the full glare of the media spotlight. Now, from the luxurious comfort of her beautiful kitchen, Delilah is planning her birthday party, a night that will see a star-studded gathering of friends and family celebrate in traditional Rafferty style. But she has more on her mind than just invitations...Raf has been offered a part in a movie he can't refuse. But will that mean he'll succumb to the temptations he's struggled so hard to resist for the last ten years - beautiful women and too much wine? And Delilah's three daughters, Coco, Violet and Tyger, are building careers of their own, only too aware that the press are waiting for them to slip up. For although the Rafferty girls might look like angels, they are only human. As with all families, there are secrets and rivalries bubbling away, and on one gloriously starry night, it's all going to come spilling out This is your invitation to a birthday party of the year...

Veronica Henry is back and it is what she does best, Family Saga's!! The Rafferty family are headed up by a TV Chef and an actor who, following a drink dependency has been offered his first film in many years. They have three daughters'; an actress, a musician and an underwear designer who has just married a rock star.

I was looking forward to this book for many months and once I started it I was grabbing a chapter or two whenever possible. In true Henry style the story moves at a great pace, the characters are current and the issues they are up against are modern. There are many issues mentioned in the past including drug addiction and issues relating to sexuality to mention just two. The cover is one which would jump off the book shelf at you, bright, striking purple and black -what a great choice!
I really enjoyed this book and is a complete different style of read of Veronica's previous release, The Beach Hut, which was a collection of short stories. This book had a strong story throughout of family and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found myself wanting to read just a few more pages each night, to see what would happen next.
The characters reminded me of some people who grab the headlines today, however this was only a faint representation, they all have their own personalities and stories which kept me wanting to read more. All the characters were likeable and I found myself warming to each one - although I was shocked to discover Coco's secret vice but I thought Tyger was a great girl, slightly misunderstood and had a good heart.
Delilah, who's birthday party is that of which the book is titled, is a woman who goes through much throughout the book and I was in two minds what she would choose at the end of the book but I think she made a great decision. A television chef who finds herself passed over by the television company for a younger model, who disappears for a life of privacy and complete opposite to what she is used to before family emergency leaves her having to go back to her old life - will it all work out for the best??
i would recommend this book to veronica Henry fans and also fans of a good family saga. It is a great read and one which Henry fans will not want to put down!.
Thank you to Gaby Young from Orion Publishing Group for sending me a copy to review.

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